PetFirst Pet InsuranceNow Offered Though Safeway’s Priority® Total Pet Care Brand

PetFirst, the nation’s fastest growing pet insurance company, announced today its program with Safeway Inc., a Fortune 100 company and one of the largest food and drug retailers in the United States.  In the exclusive program, PetFirst will showcase its pet insurance plans through Safeway’s Priority® Total Pet Care brand.  Information on the pet insurance is available in all Safeway stores and online at
Safeway customers can expect benefits such as next day coverage for accidents with illness coverage that begins on the 15th day; up to 90 percent reimbursement based on their actual vet bill as opposed to a fee schedule; and most importantly, coverage on hereditary, congenital, and breed-specific conditions through the Lifetime policy.  In addition to these great benefits, Safeway customers who are members of the just for U® program will receive an immediate five percent discount on their pet insurance policy.
Through this program, Safeway expands its Priority® Total Pet Care brand by adding pet insurance to their line of offerings, which currently includes a full assortment of pet food, treats and supplies at a great value.Offering pet insurance, which reimburses dog and cat owners up to 90 percent of their veterinary expenses, allows Safeway to provide products and services that encompass pet health and pet care.
“It is a natural fit for PetFirst to offer pet insurance product information at Safeway locations,” said Katie Grant, CEO of PetFirst. “Safeway provides customers with great pet food products and fills pet prescriptions through the pharmacies.  Pet insurance is another product that will round out the Priority® Total Pet Care brand at an affordable price for customers.”
Pet insurance plans offered through the Safeway program will insure cats and dogs of all ages, including senior pets.  The cost of covering a pet varies based on the pet’s breed, age and geographic location.  Plans include coverage on hereditary, congenital, and breed-specific conditions. Safeway customers will find information available in the store’s pharmacy, or they can go online at or by calling 1-855-508-7387.
According to Packaged Facts, an independent market research company, PetFirst is the pioneer of introducing pet insurance through retail channels.
“We are proud Safeway has chosen PetFirst to be the brand behind a well-known and recognized brand like theirs,” said Grant. “It is our mission to exemplify our own brand values, as well as maintain and enhance the brand identity and values of our partners.”
With U.S. pet owners expected to spend $15.3 billion on veterinary care this year, pet insurance is a valuable financial tool for dog and cat owners.
For more information on pet insurance through Safeway, visit or call 1-855-508-7387.
About PetFirst
PetFirst is the fastest growing pet insurer in North America offering easy-to-understand lifelong coverage for dogs and cats. PetFirst’s comprehensive coverage is unique in the industry providing simplified policies with coverage for hereditary, chronic and breed-specific conditions with no per-diagnosis limits.  PetFirst offers pet insurance in all 50 states and the District of Columbia through animal welfare agencies, retailers, employers as well as other partners.  PetFirst polices are underwritten by American Alternative Insurance Corporation (Munich Re) which is rated by A.M. Best as A+.  Additional services are underwritten by Lloyd’s.  For more information about PetFirst pet insurance, visit or call 877-894-7387.


The newest K-9 member of the Mount Pleasant Police Department, a German Shepherd/ Belgian Malinois mix named Brutus, will be serving and protecting a little safer thanks to the generosity of The MECA Foundation. Officer and K-9 handler Knierim, an 11 year veteran of the Mount Pleasant Police Department, and her new partner, Brutus, recently returned from a six week handling course in North Carolina. Brutus was trained in handler protection, suspect apprehension, locating illegal narcotics and tracking lost/missing people.

“I would like to thank the MECA Foundation for donating a vest for my K-9 Brutus. It is very important for him to have this vest and we are grateful that the MECA Foundation has provided one so that Brutus can be kept safe out on the street”, said Officer Nicole Knierim, Brutus’ K-9 partner.

Dr. Marla Lichtenberger DVM, DACVECC, founder of the MECA Foundation, has made it her mission to protect every police dog in the state of Wisconsin by providing these bullet and stab proof vests to K-9 officers. “K-9 officers are in the field protecting their community, as well as other officers. It is up to us to ensure they have the tools they need to be kept safe”, says Lichtenberger.

The MECA Foundation, founded by Dr. Marla Lichtenberger, DVM, DACVECC is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting every police dog in the state of Wisconsin with bullet resistant and stab proof vests. In addition, the MECA Foundation also assists Wisconsin police K-9 Units purchase police dogs by donating grants to Wisconsin k-9 Units.

Nose Workout Summit


Camp Dogwood & For Your K9
have joined forces to bring you our first Nose Work Summit.
We are hosting this fantastic Nose Work event on both
Friday & Saturday, October 11 & 12 in Ingleside, IL
during Camp Dogwood Fall 2013.

Camp Dogwood and For Your K9 are excited to be hosting our first Nose Work Summit. This event will take place at the Camp Dogwood facility during Fall Camp, which runs October 11-14. The Nose Work Summit will happen on both Friday and Saturday (Oct. 11 & 12) in Ingleside, Illinois at the Henry Horner Camp and Conference facility. Those who register to participate in the Nose Work Summit will also have access to the facility grounds (trails, beach, fields) on the day they select to attend. If you’ve never attended Camp Dogwood, this is a great chance to see what happens during a camp session while training in Nose Work.
This is an amazing opportunity people who have dogs already on odor to enhance their Nose Work skills.  Each dog/handler team will have four, 1.5 hour workshops in a Summit Day covering interior, exterior, container and vehicle hides.  Four levels of experience will be offered, with workshop size being limited to 10 working teams per level in order to insure you and your dog ample opportunities for practice and instruction. *For those with no previous Nose Work experience (or whose dog is still on food) Camp Dogood will be offering Intro Nose Work classes as part of their regular Fall Camp schedule.  DOGS MUST BE ON ODOR TO ENROLL IN THE SUMMIT! Auditing spots are also available.

There are 4 levels offered at this Nose Work Summit:
• Team Sherlock (Level 1)
…Dogs should have passed their Odor Recognition Test (ORT) & have begun working all elements.
• Team Monk (Level 2)
…Dogs getting ready to compete in NW1 and/or have competed in NW1.
• Team CSI (Level 3)
…Teams should have passed their NW1 and preparing for NW2 and have not yet competed in NW2
• Team Bond (Level 4)
…Teams should have passed their NW2 and/or have competed in NW2.

Summit registration fees include:
• Nose Wok Summit t-shirt,
• A choice of Friday or Saturday attendance
• Four, 1.5 hour workshops each day,
• Lunch and dinner,
• Small class sizes,
• Experienced instructors,
• Interior, Container, Exterior, and Vehicle hides, all in one day, and
• A chance to enjoy the beach or take a trail hike during workshop breaks.

Registration fees, per day, per dog:
• Nose Work Summit PARTICIPATION Fee: $150, per working dog with only 1 handler, 1 day
• Nose Work Summit AUDITOR ONLY Fee: $75, per human (no dog permitted), 1 day
• Camp Dogwood Fall Camper ADD-ON Fee: $100, per working dog with only 1 handler, 1 day

Interested to attend the Nose Work Summit? 
• Your opportunity to sign-up RIGHT NOW is just down below with our ONLINE REGISTRATION.
• If you prefer to print out a registation form and this Nose Work Summit information,
you can CLICK HERE for a REGISTRATION FORM you can print and post mail to us..

History Made as Peep Repeats as American Bird Conservancy Bird of The Week


American Bird Conservancy, bowing to a tidal wave of public opinion, has declared the Peep (Marshmallicious delicious) to be this year’s Easter bird of the week, and has further announced it is to be split into four bird species. The reselection of 2011’s choice was based on popular opinion. “I couldn’t fight it any longer. The time has come – it was a no brainer for me,” ABC President George Fenwick said.

Up until now, scientists have recognized only the familiar “yellow” form of peep as a full species; but there is currently support in the ornithological community for granting separate species status to the blue, teal, pink, and purple forms, currently considered color morphs. “There simply isn’t any evidence that these forms interbreed,” said ABC senior scientist Dr. David Wiedenfeld. “While they can often be found roosting in the same box, the fact is that nobody has ever seen an intermediate bird between the color morphs,” he added. “The presence of occasional orange and other colored birds in the population may represent occasional aberrant individuals, but any new taxonomic changes will require further study.”


In naming the Peep as Bird of The Week for a second time, ABC also raised eyebrows again. “We’ve never had a repeat Bird of the Week. That was a tough decision and I know some will disagree but if the Grammy Awards and Saturday Night Live can have repeat hosts, we thought we could break tradition as well. Some will point out that Bird of the Week is a bigger deal and needs to stand firm on tradition, but I say the Peep has been a real giver and it’s time for us to give back and return the favors from decades of springtime giving. It’s just the right thing to do.”


Peeps typically make their appearance in the springtime, with numbers peaking in April. Despite their ubiquitous distribution and social nature, their migratory paths, wintering, and breeding areas are little known.


During their breeding season, Peeps can easily be found in suburban backyard habitats, where they lay clutches of colorful eggs in nests of brightly-colored plastic grasses. Adult and immature peeps can be quickly located by their sweet calls and neon plumage.


Although Peeps are heavily consumed, their populations appear to quickly rebound in subsequent years and therefore they are not a species of conservation concern. Enjoy this popular harbinger of spring!


Asked about the possibility of a three-peat, Fenwick was noncommittal: “Well, we’ve never shied away from controversy. Naming the Peep Bird of the Week in 2011 caused quite an uproar – almost crashed our website. This decision will probably cause another firestorm – I probably won’t answer my phone for a week. But who knows, anything is possible. We’ll take the pulse when the next time comes.”


Anyone still intersted in attending the Fall 2011 session of Camp Dogwood should either REGISTER ONLINEby the end of Monday September 26th, or  to have a completed printed registration in mail and postmarked by September 24th to be considered.We still have availabilities in the following:

Agility Workshop
Rowdy Rover Worksop
Taking Your Dog to the Next Level Workshop

Saturday Daypasses
Sunday Daypasses

Cabins & Cabins Plus
Rustic & New Lodge Rooms

Spaces may still be available in
All Occupancies & Accommodations in:
·Cabins   ·Rusitc Lodges  ·New Lodge

*Shared Accommodation spaces are subject to compatibility with campers already placed in these group-style rooms.

And there are still availabilities for campers choosing to Tent Camp or stay off-site at nearby hotel.

Applications accepted through
ACT NOW if you’re interested!

Did you know that Camp Dogwood dropped the cost of our Daypass rates last year? Not as a ‘special’, not for a limited time, and not for any specific date or session! We’ve actually lowered the standard fee for a single daypass to camp to ONLY $135. That’s for either  Saturday or Sunday at any session. Register to get Daypasses for both Saturday and Sunday and pay ONLY $125/day ($250 total!)  There are still only a limited number of Daypass spaces made available to any camp session, but it’s the perfect way to come and see how your dog might enjoy a long-weekend at one of our future sessions.



Remember Fall 2011 Registration
closes on Monday, September 26th.

Act quickly if interested in attending camp!
We hope your summer was a happy and heathy one! Give your pooches an extra squeeze and a big smootch tonight from Camp Dogwood (but you can let them think it was just from you).

Hope to see you soon!
Dave Eisendrath & Alysa Slay
Co-Directors, Camp Dogwood, inc.