Father’s Day Dog Photos

By DogVacay

The Always BBQ-ing Dad
You won’t find any hot dogs at this barbecue

Inline image 1

The Dad Bod Dad
Real dog dads have curves
Inline image 2
The Executive Dad
“Robert, can you reschedule my 3 p.m. tail-chasing session for 4 p.m.? Just booked a park meeting with a very influential Great Dane at that time and need to move some things around.”
Inline image 3
The Finer Things in Life Dad
This Scotch is 175 years old (in dog years)
Inline image 4
The Golf Dad
“I scored a double-beagle today, that’s three strokes below par!”
Inline image 5
The Forever Young Dad
♫ Let’s fetch in style, let’s fetch for awhile, Heaven can wait, we’re only watching the skies, hoping for the best but expecting the worst, are you gonna drop the stick or not? ♫
Inline image 6
The Hipster Dad
Who’s going to tell him that vests aren’t going to happen? Pup nose goes. 
Inline image 10
The Vacation Dad
Fact: Dads on vacation make 100% more dad jokes. Example: ‘May I have a Greyhound cocktail? Going to need a little “hair of the dog” to get through this morning, if you know what I mean!’
Inline image 7
The Tech Geek Dad
“I’ve saved photos of all my favorite food scraps to the Cloud, want to see a slideshow? Can show you on my Mac, iPad or iPhone, or all three!”
Inline image 12

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