Bacterial Disease Outbreak Threatens Metro Detroit Animals

More than 20 cases of the life-threatening bacterial infection leptospirosis have been reported in Detroit-area dogs in the past three weeks, according to Michigan State University’s Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health.

 Experts at the MSU center, a service unit of the College of Veterinary Medicine, diagnosed the specific strain of the disease, which can cause fatal damage to dogs and can be transmitted to humans.
In most cases, the dogs were not vaccinated against leptospirosis, or they had an uncertain vaccination history. Because this particular type of leptospirosis is associated with contact with rats, stray dogs are typically thought to be at highest risk.
“What is particularly unusual about this outbreak is that the dogs affected are not stray animals, but people’s pets,” said Carole Bolin, director of the Diagnostic Center. “Unfortunately, we expect to see more cases, and this is a very dangerous type of leptospirosis. Many veterinarians have never seen this type in dogs because it was markedly reduced by vaccination.”
Bolin and her team performed diagnostic testing and identified the particular strain of infection as icterohaemorrhagiae, which can cause severe disease in humans and animals. It is commonly carried by rats but also can be transmitted dog-to-dog or dog-to-human. Bolin is aware of nine dogs that died or were euthanized as a result of the disease, but there may be others.
“The Diagnostic Center became involved because of our experience, expertise and our desire to help the public,” Bolin said. “Our diagnosis helped identify this relatively rare strain, and the samples we tested will provide teaching tools for our students and residents so they will recognize this disease in the future.”
Leptospirosis spreads by infected wild and domestic animals. The bacteria (leptospira) that infects these animals can reside in their kidneys, and the host animal may or may not appear ill. They contaminate their environment with living leptospira when they urinate. Pets can become infected
by sniffing this urine or by contacting standing water that becomes contaminated by rain and water runoff.
The bacteria spread rapidly through an animal’s blood stream, usually causing fever, depression and vomiting. The bacteria also attack the liver and kidneys, which can lead to organ failure.
“This is a very serious, rapidly progressing type of leptospirosis in dogs,” Bolin said. “Dogs can appear normal one day and be severely ill the next day. People can become infected, so this also is a threat to animal owners, caretakers and veterinarians.”
In the 1980s, Bolin’s mentor Alex Thiermann conducted studies on the high leptospirosis prevalence in the rat and dog population in Detroit. Leptospirosis caused by icterohaemorrhagiae was identified as a cause of human cases and as a common infection in rats and stray dogs. The prevalence of leptospirosis dropped significantly after the conditions predisposing to large rat populations were corrected.
Also, a leptospirosis vaccine was routinely administered to dogs, greatly diminishing the number of cases. As cases of disease in dogs decreased and because of the vaccine’s potential for adverse reactions, vaccine use diminished and it no is longer given to all dogs. However, Bolin said this outbreak demonstrates that leptospirosis remains a significant risk for dogs.
“There is something we can do now to prevent this disease and that is to vaccinate,” she said. “Dog owners need to contact their veterinarian to get more information regarding vaccination.”
MSU’s Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health has become one of the country’s premier veterinary diagnostic laboratories, handling more than 220,000 cases involving approximately 1.5 million tests annually.

Please Help Us, Help Baby Girl!

Friends, this is why we founded Animal Fairy Charities.. to help those who are
in the trenches everyday caring for our animals.  Please take a moment to read Baby Girls story and consider helping us help them through this difficult time. As a side note: Baby Girl was rescued by one of our favorite horse rescues, Beauty’s Haven Farm and Equine Rescue.  Beauty’s Haven reached out to us and we are reaching out to you… Here is her story.

Baby Girl is a 2 year old stunted Quarter horse filly that sustained blunt trauma to her skull 2+ months before arriving at our rescue that went untreated. When she arrived at BHFER she looked like a very sick weanling and was skin on bones, weighing less than 300 lbs. She couldn’t chew food and needed a special soft diet. She had a very bad infection coming out of an open hole in her head between her ear and her eye, there were open wounds under her jaw, she had significant nerve damage on the right side of her face which was also scalded, and she couldn’t see out of her right eye.

Once at BHFER she was fed her 5 mushy meals a day – she started gaining weight in a healthy way. We had surgery done to remove some bone fragments and she was then able to chew and grind up her food. Now she eats and drinks like any other horse. She’s now 400+ lbs and has grown stronger and healthier. She’s received acupuncture treatments which are helping. Her right eye now responds and she blinks which tells us the eye has started to work again – perhaps damaged nerves
are being repaired.

However, the infection has remained relentless. A CT scan done at the University of Florida this past week revealed a large bone fragment and a part of another bone that are infected that need to be removed ASAP. The infected fragment is close to the bone around her brain – the infection kills bone and she needs surgery. If the infection makes its way to the brain we will lose her.

From Theresa: (Owner of BHFER) Baby Girl has a positive and powerful energy about her. She has much love and life in her eyes. When she runs, bucks and plays, she does so with such determination one can’t help but to smile and laugh – especially knowing what she has endured. The fact that she survived 2+ months with the injury, without proper treatment, before finding her way to us speaks volumes. When Theresa (owner of BHFER) treats her injury she stands there – most of the time without even a halter. I’m sure she knows we are helping her. And to watch her knock on the feed room door when it is feeding time, well, it tells us what time of the day it is and we smile. While there are odds stacked against her we believe she has the will and the ability to make it. We simply keep the faith and believe. When you believe, miracles can happen. We’ve seen many here at Beauty’s Haven and we hope to see more.

The $2200. needed for Baby Girls surgery has been raised. We are now working on raising funds for her expensive medicine and aftercare needs.

Based on cultures done at UF she has been started on a different antibiotic that she will need for at least 8 weeks at a cost of $30.00 per day. The antibiotic is expensive BHFER is trying to have some of those antibiotics donated.  BHFER currently has enough of the antibiotic to get Baby Girl through a week.

Please Help Us Help Baby Girl with her post surgery medicines and her aftercare needs. Thank you in advance for your support.  DONATE

Animal Fairy Charities is a 501c3 non profit organization fostering national & international prevention of cruelty to all animals and aiding in their safety & welfare.
Our core mission is to raise and distribute funds in support of the missions of other animal non-profit organizations using a federated (i.e. United Way) method.  In addition, Animal Fairy Charities educates and engages young children in compassion through the positive interaction with animals.

Tax deductible donations are always appreciated to help fund our mission.  Because of our donors, we can continue our work to help animals.

Thank you again for your time and your care for our animals.
God Bless,

Deb Lopez
President and Executive Director
Animal Fairy Charities, Inc.

About Animal Advocate Television
Animal Advocacy, Awareness and Welfare Television

After five wonderful seasons, Animal Advocate Television’s audience is growing
and the show continues to raise awareness for local animal shelters and horse
rescues, encourages the public to foster and adopt, informs and educates on
state and federal animal welfare legislation as well as encourages parents to
teach children compassion at an early age.

Animal Advocate Television also honors and pays tribute to our animal caregivers while educating viewers on what these caregivers experience day to day as they strive to give our animals the respectable quality of life they deserve.
Our pet health and medical segments are standard with each new season to keep our viewers updated on the latest in pet/animal fitness and well-being.
From doggie day-cares to pet boutiques, Animal Advocate
Television signifies all there is for our companion animals.

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New Partnership To Provide Safe Haven For Animals From Domestic Abuse

In collaboration with Sojourner Truth House, the Wisconsin Humane Society
has started a Safe Haven foster network for victims of domestic abuse and
their animals
. Currently, there are no shelters in the greater Milwaukee
area that allow animals, which is why foster homes are crucial. WHS is now
recruiting people willing to foster animals from domestic abuse situations for a
maximum of 60 days. The program is set to launch January 1, 2012. Due to this
being linked to a domestic abuse shelter, confidentiality is critical.

 Why volunteer to house an animal?
*A study of women seeking shelter showed that
71 percent of those with animals affirmed that their partner had threatened,
hurt or killed their animal (Ascione, Weber and Wood, 1997).
*Numerous surveys have also reported that
between 25 and 40 percent of battered women are unable to escape abusive
situations out of concern for their animal’s safety
(McIntosh, 2002).
* Research establishes a need for safe housing
for animals from abusive homes as a means of removing a barrier to the victim’s
ability to leave an abusive situation and keep her animal.  Safe housing for
their animal may give victims the peace of mind needed to leave a dangerous
* Family animals are a source of comfort and
emotional support for victims of abuse and their children.  Animals provide
unconditional love during difficult times, and preserving the bond between
families and their animals is vitally important.


Waukesha animal resource center fundraisers, events open to public
  HAWS,the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County, has a full weekend of fundraising, learning and adoption events, with proceeds benefitting the shelter’s animal care services and educational programs.

HAWS’ Fashion for Paws fundraiser is Friday, October 14, from 5 – 8pm at Silver Spring Country Club, N56 W21318 Silver Spring Drive.  This cocktails and appetizers event features a runway show with fashions from local boutiques, auctions, a raffle and adoptable pets from HAWS.
HAWS’ Mobile Adoption Center roots for the “go-home” team this weekend, joining Petco –
Waukesha for “Team Up” for Adoption.  Local adoption groups and pet vendors, as well as neighborhood merchants, will join in the fun at the Shoppes of Fox River, 1240 W. Sunset Drive in
.  Find a new furry, fluffy or feathered family member while enjoying music and food; Saturday from 9am – 2pm and Sunday from 10am – 2pm.
Also on Saturday, get into the Halloween spirit at the annual Waukesha Zombie Walk in downtown Waukesha, beginning at 3pm.  Every zombie is required to bring at least 3 supply items, or $2, for HAWS or the Waukesha Food Pantry.  There are 3 routes to walk, all ending at the gazebo on Bank Street by 5:30pm.
On Sunday, October 16, HAWS presents the annual Guinea Pig Primer, from noon – 4pm at the
shelter.  This free event includes guest speakers, shopping for cavie supplies, raffles, door prizes and guinea pig contests.  Owners and their guinea pigs, as well as those interested in learning more, are welcome to attend.
HAWS, a non-profit organization
established in 1965, assists over 6,000 animals each year and welcomes more than
31,000 human visitors to our shelter annually.  As an “open admissions” shelter
HAWS assures sanctuary for all animals in need, while offering educational
programs and services to promote responsible pet ownership and prevent animal
abuse.  The shelter is located at 701 Northview Road in Waukesha, Wisconsin. For
more information call (262) 542-8851 or log onto our website at
Friend us on Facebook at “HAWS Waukesha.”

“Hector,” Michael Vick Survivor Paints for Animal Fairy Charities To Help Raise Funds for Animals

“Hector,” one of the 47 Pit Bulls rescued from Michael Vick’s dog fighting
operation made a special appearance at the “Strut Your Mutt” event at the
Waukesha County Expo Center on September 25th hosted by Brew City
Bully Club and Elmbrook Humane Society.

Hector was one of NFL quarterback Michael Vick’s victims of cruelty as a fighting
dog.  The dogs were rescued and given a chance to live and Hector
is now happy and living life to the fullest as a certified therapy
At the Strut Your Mutt event,
Hector and other rescue dogs painted to help raise funds for
animals.  Hector painted three paintings for Animal Fairy Charities
and all three were sold immediately! All paintings created by
“Hector” and the other rescue dogs at Strut Your Mutt were done courtesy of
While You Were Out Pet Sitting Service, LLC “Painting For Pets By Pets Art
Project. “
You can purchase some wonderful
paintings by other rescue dogs at Black Sheep Photography located at 801 East
Center Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin or by logging on to and following this link
( All proceeds
from these paintings will benefit
Animal Fairy Charities.
To learn
more about Hector, you can log onto or .
Animal Fairy Charities is an
all-volunteer 501c3 non-profit animal welfare organization that raises and
distributes funds in support of the missions of other animal non-profit
organizations, plus educates and engages children through positive interaction
with animals. An educational and developmental organization that produces
programming on Animal Advocate Television, the group provides information
regarding the betterment, safety, and welfare and prevention of cruelty to all

Great Pumpkin BARK-Away Benefiting Capital K9s

Ruffin’ It Resort is pleased to announce the 4th Annual ‘Great Pumpkin
Bark-Away’, this year benefiting our own local Capital K9s.

The Madison Police Department’s K9 unit is a non-profit organization
staffed by community volunteers.  All the costs of the patrol K9 teams (except
for officer salaries) are provided by community donations. The department’s K9
unit, made up of 6 dogs, provides a great service to the community; tracking
missing persons, apprehending suspects and locating evidence. They allow patrol
officers to work in a safer and more efficient manner and perform functions that
human officers are simply unable to do. Check out the team

Throughout the month of October, Ruffin’ It Resort suggests a $5.00
donation and in return individuals can choose a FREE pumpkin
from Ruffin’ It
Resort’s ‘pumpkin patch’.  The pumpkins are gorgeous this year- a real barker
crop!  Many pumpkins galore, all unique in shape and size, but all
here to make a difference in the lives of our Capital K9s.

As a final celebration to the month-long fundraiser, Ruffin’ It Resort
will host what has become a perennial favorite Howl-O-Ween Party. Humans
and their four-legged ghouls & goblins are invited to join in the
festivities October 28th from 7:15-9:00 PM at Ruffin’ It Resort. A
$10.00 door donation will provide guests with a night full of howling fun
There will be many ‘paw’riffic games, costume contests, photos, spirits &
treats. Come and celebrate Howl-O-Ween and support Capital K9s!


Renee Brantner Shanesy

Ruffin’ It Resort

Hotel & Daycare exclusively for dogs

635 Struck Street

Madison, WI 53719



Charlee Bear Partners with Dogbook for ‘Dogs Helping Dogs’ Charity Giveaway

Charlee Bear Products, creator of all-natural, low calorie, Charlee Bear® Dog Treats since 1995, has teamed up with Dogbook, the virtual and mobile social network for dog lovers, and Guide Dogs of America, for the first web-based “Dogs Helping Dogs” charity giveaway.

Kicking off Oct. 1, Charlee Bear will donate 10 treats to Guide Dogs of America for every new user that joins Dogbook at, with an ultimate goal of donating 100,000 treats. Guide Dogs of America places and trains over 50 highly-skilled assistance dogs each year, transforming the lives of the people they live with.

“Charlee Bear Products is excited to work with Dogbook on its ‘Dogs Helping Dogs’ giveaway,” says Ava Olsen, Brand Manager for Charlee Bear.  “Our company was founded on the important and wonderful relationship between people and dogs, and working with Guide Dogs of America is a fantastic opportunity to reinforce this bond.”

Dogbook is the world’s largest social network for dogs and dog owners.  You can keep track of your dog’s life by uploading photos of their adventures, posting daily status updates for your dog, and searching breeds and parks nearby.  With an iPhone app and a soon to be launched iPad app, it’s the perfect place for dogs and people who love dogs.  Dogbook’s goal is “to do right by dogs and dog lovers,” co-founder Alexandre Roche says.  “This giveaway empowers our users to give back to a great cause.”  Featured on ABC, CBS, Fox News, and The New York Times, Dogbook boasts over 3.5 million members.

Charlee Bear Dog Treats come in four flavors, are known as a healthy, low-calorie snack, and are ideal for training and anytime rewards. They are available at pet supply retail stores nationwide and in Canada.  Only three calories per piece means you can train your dog without giving lots of additional calories. Trainers recommend these treats and dogs enjoy them.  All-natural and made in the United States, Charlee Bear is a leader in the world of healthy dog treats.

Charlee Bear, Dogbook, and Guide Dogs of America is a natural partnership for the first “Dogs Helping Dogs” charity giveaway.  To learn more, visit

For more information, contact Charlee Bear Products at (800) 880-2327, visit, visit, or e-mail