Lost Dogs of Wisconsin

Lost Dogs of Wisconsin is not only helping to find lost dogs and reunite them with their owners, but we are also working on bringing awareness about lost dogs in the community and how it effects the public….We are amazed at the support and interest the public has, once they hear about our free service and what we do. Less than a year ago we had just about 100 Facebook fans….We are now over 4,000 and still growing. Please read below to learn more on who we are, and what we do.  You can also visit our Facebook page…I know many people would be very happy to hear about our group, and what we can do for them, or someone they know.
Thanks for taking the time to read this, and learn more about who we are….Hope you can help us share our free service to all the lost dog owners in our communities…
WHO are we and WHAT do we DO?
Lost Dogs of Wisconsin….is a volunteer group dedicated…in helping to reunite lost dogs with their owners, and educate the public on lost dog prevention & dog safety….You can find us on FACEBOOK….which is our primary source of communication with the public….it enables us to educate and notify thousands of people every day of lost dogs in Wisconsin….We are a FREE service to all.
Dog owners fill out a lost dog report, which is found on our main page….an email is sent to the lost dog owner from us, which includes a printable flyer of their lost dog with description and picture….this is immediately posted on our page for everyone to see.
Then a trained (volunteer) caseworker will notify the lost dog owner by phone….and goes over important steps on what to do as soon as their dog goes missing, these steps can increase the chances of finding their dog quickly and safely…Other volunteers are checking & matching internet ads and posts on local animal shelters and rescues, to see if they can find a match with any of our missing dogs.
The caseworker stays in touch with the owners…offering advice, support and helpful tips for them throughout the search process….We also provide the dog owners with other helpful resources, such as:
Websites:  A list of helpful, well-known sites for lost dog owners.
PowerPoint Presentations: Provides a visual understanding, on what to do and why.
Phone Conferences:  This helps to generate new ideas and recommendations for a specific or unique case.
Help find and reunite lost dogs with their owners….quickly and safely
Reduce the number of “Stray” or “Lost”    dogs in animal shelters
Protect lost dogs, and the public from injury ~ which can be caused by improper search techniques
Educate the public….on lost dog prevention, and what to do, if you find or see a lost or stray dog.

Lost Dog Awareness ~ is helping to save lives…and keep dogs safe!

Please visit Lost Dogs of Wisconsin and share our link with others

~Thanks again for taking the time to learn about our group ~

Please feel free to call with any questions, comments or suggestions
Colleen Duero ~ Lost Dogs of Wisconsin Volunteer

Pet Burials At Sea Now Offered Through New England Burials at Sea LLC

New England Burials At Sea, (NEBAS), serving families from Maine to Miami with
burial at sea scatterings and eco-friendly full body sea burials for humans, has
recently announced a new service – Pet Burials at Sea to memorialize beloved,
furry and feathered friends.

NEBAS company founder Captain Brad White now provides a dignified
“celebration of life” ash scattering ceremony for pets. Pet burial services
include a Burial Certificate marking the time, date, latitude and longitude of
the ash scattering ceremony. A pet photo may also be included on the certificate
free of charge.

Capt. White explained, “We know that pets are also beloved members of any
family and we treat their ash scattering ceremonies with deep respect and
seriousness. Losing a pet can be particularly difficult for anyone, but
especially children because they have ‘grown up’ with that special ‘family
member’. Families may obtain better closure from an ash scattering at sea
ceremony that celebrates and commemorates their cherished pet.”

NEBAS Ash Scatterings are approved per USCG and EPA regulations. NEBAS
voyages out three nautical miles, scatters ashes with a customized sea tribute
service and returns to port. Ash Scattering for Pets in an Unattended Ceremony
is $95. Prices vary according to the number of attendees for an Attended Ash
Scattering Ceremony for Pets.

Biodegradable sea wreaths or rose petal scattering and music are other
options available during an Attended Ash Scattering Ceremony for Pets, but are
not included in the cost of the ceremony.  NEBAS does not conduct full body
Burial at Sea for pets as they do for Humans.

NEBAS is the ONLY company in the USA to be properly insured and licensed
using U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) captains that operate clean and safe up to date
vessels from Maine to Miami as well as San Francisco to San Diego. Vessels vary
from vintage Maine down east style to sport or luxury level vessels
accommodating up to 400 people.

For more information or to make arrangements for a Pet Burial, contact NEBAS
at toll free (877) 897-7700, Direct 781-834-7500 or visit the website at www.NewEnglandBurialAtSea.com.


New England Burials At Sea LLC, (NEBAS) offers burial at sea scatterings and
eco-friendly full body sea burials, serving families from Maine to Miami for
groups up to 400 people since 2006. NEBAS is recognized by the EPA, US Navy,
U.S.C.G. and many funeral homes and crematories.

Through their Belated Burial at Sea (www.belatedburial.com), NEBAS helps
bring closure to families who wish to honor their loved ones with a memorial ash
scattering that pays tribute to a loved one that a family may not have already
had a committal service for.

NEBAS offers a unique Concierge Program specifically for families traveling to the New England area for NEBAS services. The company has partnered with the pet friendly Fairmont Battery Wharf Hotel, Rowe’s Wharf Water Transport Company, Winston Flowers and CityView Trolley company of Boston to help ensure NEBAS guests are as comfortable as possible during their time of grief and mourning – and one simple phone call handles it all.

The company also designed and manufactures in MA the Atlantic Sea burial

For more information or images, visit http://www.NewEnglandBurialsAtSea.com,
or call toll free New England Burials At Sea, Capt Brad White at 877-897-7700 or
direct at (781) 834-7500, email OceanBurial@aol.com.

2005-2011 ©New England Burials at Sea LLC, All rights reserved. Patents


HAWS Reminds of Dangers Summer Weather Can Bring for Pets

With the onset of a historic heat wave in Southeastern Wisconsin, HAWS – the
Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County – reminds pet owners of the
dangers of heat for their best friends.

leave pets unattended in your parked car.  The temperature inside a car, even
with windows open slightly, can quickly reach deadly levels.  In sunlight temps
can rise more than 30 degrees per minute.

In extreme conditions such as
these, pets should remain indoors in a climate controlled environment.  When
pets must be outside, make sure he or she has protection from heat and sun (a
dog house does not provide relief from heat) and plenty of fresh, cool water.
Heat stroke can be fatal for pets as well as people.  Exercise your pets in the
early morning or evening hours.  Watch for hot asphalt which can burn sensitive
pet paws.

It’s important to be able to identify the symptoms of heat
stress in your pet:  heavy panting, glazed eyes, rapid heartbeat, restlessness,
excessive thirst, lethargy, and vomiting are some of the more common signs.
Move the animal into the shade or an air-conditioned area, apply cold towels to
the head, neck, and chest or run cool (not cold) water over the affected pet.
Let the pet drink small amounts of cool water or lick ice cubes.  When in doubt,
always contact your veterinarian.

 “Residents with concerns about a pet in their neighborhood
should contact the Waukesha County Humane Officers at 262-896-8300,” notes
Executive Director Lynn Olenik.  Owners who are concerned about their ability to
keep their companion pets safe during this weather are encouraged to call HAWS
to discuss available alternatives.

HAWS, a non-profit
organization established in 1965, assists over 6,000 animals each year and
welcomes more than 31,000 human visitors to our shelter annually.  As an “open
admissions” shelter HAWS assures sanctuary for all animals in need, while
offering educational programs and services to promote responsible pet ownership
and prevent animal abuse.  The shelter is located at 701 Northview Road in
Waukesha, Wisconsin. For more information call (262) 542-8851 or log onto our
website at
www.hawspets.org. Friend us on Facebook at “HAWS

American Idol Joins Local Charity And Endorses New Children’s Book

American Idol, Paris Bennett Is Hoping To Pass Her Compassion For
Animals On To Her Daughter Egypt And Recommends “The Animal Fairy Book” Is The
Perfect Tool To Get Her Started

 As we’ve recently
reported, Animal Fairy Charities is delighted that American Idol, Paris Bennett
has joined us to lend her voice to help animals and has recently reviewed our
new children’s book, “The Animal Fairy”.
The “Animal Fairy” book is designed to help
teach children compassion at an early age through the positive interaction with
animals and is a must for all parents looking for ways to inspire empathy and
kindness in their children...

“As a mother who loves animals, I am hoping to
pass my compassion for all living things on to my daughter Egypt. Animals play
such an important role in our lives and children seem to have a natural bond
with them. I found “The Animal Fairy” children’s book a perfect tool to nurture
that bond and to start teaching children about kindness and compassion at an
early age. The “Animal Fairy” is easy for them to understand and introduces a
character they fall in love with.”
~ Paris
Bennett was one of the best liked and highly skilled contestants of American Idol’s
5th Season, finishing in 5th

Since then she’s appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay
Leno, The Ellen DeGeneres Show,Entertainment Tonight, Live With Regis and
Kelly, On Air With Ryan Seacrest, Total Request
WSTR-FM and the Today Show. She has sang the
National Anthem at a Detroit conference finals
NBA game and the Minnesota Twins home opener in Minneapolis, performed at the Divas
Singing AIDS benefit concert along with
her mother – a concert to raise awareness for
domestic violence,
recorded a duet with John Debney on the official sound track movie “Everyone’s
performed on the Walt Disney World Christmas special along with Mandisa
and Kevin Covais and shared
the stage with Bianca Ryan on a Walt Disney Cruise to St. Lucia.
Paris released her R&B debut album
titled “Princess P” (Princess P – an affectionate nickname given
her by Ryan Seacrest, host of American
on 306 Entertainment/TVT
Records in 2007. In 2008 shereleased a holiday album, “A Royal
Christmas” and gave birth to her sweet baby girl named Egypt. Parishas been working on a second album – leaving
her modern R&B oriented style and leaning towards amore classic jazzy feel – which was to be
released sometime late 2009 or early 2010.
Animal Fairy Charities applauds Paris
Bennett for lending her voice in support of our mission to help
Fairy Charities raises and distributes funds in
support of the missions of other animal non-profit organizations using a
federated (i.e. United
Way) method. In addition, Animal Fairy Charities
educates and engages young children in compassion through the
positive interaction with

Wisconsin Humane Society offering free posters to local businesses with heat warning

Several calls
to the Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) from concerned citizens has prompted the
organization to appeal to businesses to post “Do Not Leave Your Animal in the
Car” posters, available for free at the shelter or on the WHS website.

 This summer, the shelter
has already seen surrendered animals suffering from heatstroke, and in one
tragic case, the dog did not survive.

 Just like people, companion
animals can get heat stroke and heat exhaustion.  Unlike people, however, they
cannot regulate body temperature in the same way, and different dog breeds
respond to hot weather differently.   WHS implores animal guardians to follow
these simple tips to keep their animals safe:

  • NEVER leave your companion animal in a parked car,
    even with the windows down.  The inside of a parked car can reach 160 degrees
    in just a few minutes.
  • Walk your dog only during the cooler parts of the
    day.  Early morning and evening hours are best.  Leave your animal outside for
    only short periods of time.  Also, keep your cat indoors where they are
  • Never tie an animal outside in the sun!  Always make
    sure they have a shady spot when outside in extreme temperatures, as well as
    plenty of fresh, cool water.
  • Allow access to the coolest part of your home.  If you
    don’t have air conditioning, or you turn it off while at work, make sure your
    companion animal can get to a cool place, such as a basement.
  • Take extra precautions for old, overweight or
    snub-nosed dogs in hot weather. Dogs with heart or lung diseases should be kept
    indoors with air conditioning.
  • Watch your animal for signs of heat stroke, which
    include extreme panting, difficulty breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, confusion,
    rapid pulse, bright red gums and blue tongue or lips.  Animals exhibiting signs
    of heat stroke should be moved to a cool place and have their body temperature
    lowered with cool water (do NOT apply ice), then taken to a veterinarian for
    further treatment.


Hounds & Sounds to benefit new humane society

Wisconsin Humane Society
Ozaukee Campus hosts musical series at new Saukville shelter

Enjoy live music and a glass of wine overlooking the beautiful wetlands at the
new Wisconsin Humane Society Ozaukee Campus in Saukville. Hounds &
kicks off Saturday, August 13 and is the first event in an outdoor
musical series to be held at the humane society.

casual event includes wine, beer, food and live music. Please leave your dogs at
home; there will be plenty of adoptable pups and cats to greet you!  Tickets are
only $10 each. All proceeds go right back to Wisconsin Humane Society Ozaukee
Campus to help shelter animals.

Hounds and Sounds

Dates:             Saturday, August 13;
Saturday, September 10; Saturday, October 1

Time:              6:00 p.m. – 8:00

Where:           Wisconsin Humane
Society Ozaukee Campus, 630 W. Dekora St., Saukville

To buy
tickets, go to www.ozaukeehumane.org or call (414) 377-7580 for more

Calico Corner Resale Boutique Car Wash Fundraiser Saturday 7/16

Calico Corner Resale Boutique (regular store hrs: W-Th-F 9:30 – 5:30 & Saturdays 9:30 – 4) – a fundraising store for local animal shelters is having a car wash this Saturday 7/16 from 10 – 4 at Calico Corner 6780 W. Lincoln Ave, West Allis to raise money for local animal shelters — They are also having a kitten adoption that day from 12 – 4 –please help us pass the word — thanks!!