Watch Out for Deer!

MILWAUKEE – Whether you are heading to work or just driving home from dinner, the Wisconsin Humane Society wants you to avoid roadway collisions with deer.

About 30,000 to 35,000 deer are victims of car crashes in Wisconsin each year. While October and November are the peak months for deer/vehicle collisions on Wisconsin’s roadways, collisions happen year-round. Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to being seriously injured or even killed in a collision with a deer. Stay safe and help deer by following these helpful tips from WHS Wildlife Manager, Scott Diehl:

• Stay alert – watch for deer near roadways.
• Slow down whenever you see deer near roadways – they are very unpredictable.
• Slow down in deer crossing zones – the signs are posted there for good reason.
• Use your high-beams when driving at night when there is no opposing traffic.
• Maintain your vehicle’s brakes and tires in good condition.
• Avoid swerving out of your lane to miss a deer – this could cause your car to strike an oncoming car or to leave the roadway, possibly causing a roll-over.
• Watch for more than one deer – deer often travel in groups.
• Avoid frightening deer – deer who wander into neighborhoods are often very frightened and unpredictable. Making loud noises or chasing them may cause them to run into traffic or even jump through a window! Deer in neighborhoods will usually find their way out of difficulty if left undisturbed overnight.

If you have questions about a deer that seems to be in distress in Milwaukee County, call the Wisconsin Humane Society Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at (414) 431-6204.


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