Summer comes to HSWC

What do hoarded dogs, boat-house kittens, a trick horse named Rhia, Mad Dog & Merrill and The Charlie Justmann Band have in common?? They are all part of the Humane Society of Waupaca County’s summer lineup!

By now, everyone should know that our local Humane Society has wonderful animals up for adoption. Some of these have come from puppymills, hoarder situations, other shelters or have been strays or were surrendered by people who could no longer care for them. But, what is a “boat-house kitten”? That’s what HSWC calls the ones that people on the Chain find in their boat houses all summer long, and bring down to the Adoption Center to be cared for until they can find new homes. “I know lots of folks give these kittens away to friends and neighbors, but bringing them to us is probably the best option because we have the resources to make sure they are spayed or neutered before finding happy homes,” states Monica Gates, Operations Manager of HSWC.

In order to care for the 1100+ animals they expect during the year 2009, several summer fundraisers are planned. The HSWC Waupaca Roundup includes a Walk for Homeless Pets, two shows with Derrick Dupler and his trick horse Rhia, browsing booths at PawPaca, a chuckwagon dinner featuring the humor of Mad Dog & Merrill followed up with a concert by the Mighty Rivers Band. This day-long event on June 27th promises fun for the whole family (and your dog, if you’d like to bring one!) Brochures and sponsor sheets are available now at local vet clinics, PawPaca and the HSWC Adoption Center. Admission fees will be charged a la cart for the day’s events, but all you need is $100 in sponsorships to receive a free passport to all events and a Waupaca Roundup T-shirt, so get a brochure and get started!

Fourth of July weekend, you will find HSWC volunteers in Manawa at THE Store, selling hotdogs/brats, chips and soda during the Manawa parade on the 4th. Let them do the cooking and provide the cool drinks- you can sit back and enjoy the show while supporting many homeless animals.

The HSWC Rummage Sale has bargains for everyone, July 9-11, 2009. Open from 8-6 on Thursday, 9-4 on Friday, and 9-1 on Saturday. Saturday is “bag day.” They are counting on you to help turn these pre-owned treasures into some much-needed cash!

Returning for another “Going to the Dogs” concert, is the Charlie Justmann Band at the Alehouse on August 1, 2009. This event will be slightly more formal than last year with great food, silent auctions and raffles to round out the evening. Tickets will go on sale mid-July at the HSWC Adoption Center, the Alehouse bar and participating sponsors.

HSWC Waupaca Roundup, June 27th, at the Adoption Center, 2293 Commercial Drive and PawPaca, 701 Industrial Drive- both in Waupaca, 10am – 9pm. Please get a brochure ahead of the event at HSWC’s Adoption Center, PawPaca, local vet clinics, or check out the website for more information,

Paws With A Cause

Paws With A Cause is a national non-profit organization that serves people with disabilities through custom-trained assistance dogs. Many people are familiar with guide dogs that lead people who are blind or have visual impairments. The types of Assistance Dogs that Paws trains help people with disabilities other than blindness. We train Service dogs to assist people with physical disabilities, Hearing dogs to assist people who are deaf or hard of hearing and we train Seizure Response Dogs to assist people during and after seizures. We also have a pilot program of training dogs to assist children with autism. Service dogs are taught to retrieve dropped objects, pull wheelchairs, open doors and even to retrieve the telephone. Hearing dogs are taught to respond to everyday common sounds, like the doorbell, the oven timer or a baby crying. Seizure response dogs are taught to stay with their client during a seizure and upon command, retrieve the phone or push a medical alert button to summon help. Our dogs are raised by volunteers who take a puppy from 8 weeks old until they’re about 14 months old. The raisers are responsible for basic obedience and general socialization to get the dogs used to as many types of environments possible. As a non-profit organization we rely heavily on the generosity of individual donors to support our mission. Our clients are teamed up with their Assistance Dogs at no cost to the client. If you are interested in learning more about Paws, raising a foster puppy, or obtaining an Assistance dog you can view the website at or call 800-253-7297.

Get Smart!

Raffle tickets are now on sale at WHS and OHS for very exciting prizes. This year’s top prize is a 2009 Smartcar Passion Cabriolet with all the bells and whistles! Wouldn’t you look perfect in this little red convertible, cruisin’ along the lakefront? The second place winner goes home with a 42″ flat panel HDTV and the 3rd place winner gets $500 cash! Tickets are only $5 or 5 for $20 and the proceeds go right back to help us save more injured, homeless and abused animals. The drawing will be held at this year’s Hope’s Lights event.

Is your dog your therapist? Have her certified!

Have you ever considered getting your dog involved in animal therapy work? Come to the Wisconsin Humane Society for a free Therapy Dog Informational Session on Monday, June 1 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. to learn about this fun and rewarding field and how to get started. Topics covered include commitment, types of facilities to visit, as well as suitability and training requirements. Hear from current therapy dog teams about the volunteer work they do in the community. Bring your questions, but not your dogs. If you are interested in pursuing therapy dog certification after this free informational session, you can sign up for the new Therapy Dog Class beginning on June 14 that will introduce you and your dog to the skills needed to successfully and safely visit in hospitals, nursing homes, classrooms and other facilities.

Register at for both the free informational session on June 1 and the Therapy Dog Class, which begins on June 14.

Milwaukee has a Winner for ASPCA!

This April, to celebrate Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, the ASPCA asked supporters to send in pics of their furry friends in their finest orange gear. The ASPCA was overwhelmed by the response and the pets’ super stylin’ ways of showing ASPCA spirit.

Ten winners were selected from all national entries and we have a winner right here in Milwaukee. Congratulations Kelly!! Click here to see her Bentley.

Warm Weather Alerts for Pet Owners

With warmer weather upon us, pet owners need to be aware of conditions and circumstances that affect their pet’s health and safety, according to Howard Schwartz, President of Emergency Services.

Unlike humans who control their body temperature by sweating, pets do not have this ability. They sweat from glands between their toes and their tongues do dissipate some heat but neither is enough to regulate body temperature. Consequently, pets can suffer heat stroke, a potentially life-threatening condition that occurs when body temperature rises too high. Symptoms of heat stroke include heavy panting, exhaustion and an uncertain gait. The treatment for heat stroke requires lowering the pet’s body temperature as quickly as possible, said Dr. Scott Fellenz, Medical Director of Family Pet Clinic in Menomonee Falls. Dr Fellenz also serves as Medical Advisor to Emergency Medical Services which conducts FIRST AID FOR PETS classes on a regular basis hosted by the Humane Animal Welfare Society in Waukesha.

Dr Fellenz also cautions about the danger to pets of walking on hot asphalt or concrete surfaces which can cause serious burns. High humidity and overexertion affects pets as it does humans.

Pets can also suffer sunburn, particularly on exposed areas of the body such as the nose, ears and stomach.

Food consumption should be reduced in warm weather and pets should also have access to clean drinking water.

Long-haired dogs, particularly older animals, need to be checked carefully in warm weather for fly and maggot larvae which host on their bodies and can cause serious infections. Pet owners also need to check regularly for fleas and ticks.

Each year veterinarians treat many pets left alone in cars where temperatures quickly rise to life-threatening levels, regardless of outdoor temperatures, according to Dr. Kemberlie Anderson of Family Pet Clinic.

Dr Anderson recommends an outdoor wading pool for pets to help them deal with warm temperatures.

For information about FIRST AID FOR PETS classes call 262-879-0165.

Milwaukee Welcomes New Pet Sitter

We all know how tough it can be to leave a pet at home, sometimes for more than eight hours at a time. Can he “hold it in” for the entire workday? Will separation anxiety drive him to destructive behaviors? Our pets are family members. We want to know they’re being taken care of, even when that’s not by us. For Milwaukee pet lovers, a new professional pet sitter is now available to spend time with your four-legged friends.

Rick, The Pet Sitter, is offering a free consultation to new prospective clients. “I will visit you and your pets the first time free of charge. If you decide to continue professional pet sitting services, I’ll gather information at that time,” says Rick.

A professional pet sitter offers more than just daytime outings for your pooch. Rick continues, “When you are unable to relieve your dog, I will stop by, take him out, and even go for a walk if requested. I can also fill the food and water bowls plus throw the tennis ball around for some quality playtime. Typically, most dogs need three visits a day for potty breaks but cats require only one stopover. There are so many additional services I can provide, from cleaning litter boxes to picking up after an indoor accident.”

For more information about The Pet Sitter, visit or call 414-331-7183 today.