Celebrate Milwaukee’s New Dog Parks at Spring Bark

Join Residents for Off-leash Milwaukee Parks (ROMP) on Saturday, May 2 for “Spring Bark” at Playtime Doggy Daycare (528 S. 108th Street in West Allis) from 4-7 PM. ROMP’s second annual Spring Bark event will celebrate the new dog exercise areas (DEAs) opening in Milwaukee County this summer and raise money to help cover the cost of dog waste bags provided to dog park visitors.

Playtime Doggy Daycare has both a large enclosed outdoor and indoor area for dogs to play so no matter the weather, dogs and their human companions can socialize. Spring Bark will also feature adoptable dogs from Humane Milwaukee and Brew City Canines along with several other vendors from local pet-related businesses. The event is free but donations are requested at the door and ROMP will also host a raffle during the event.

This summer, four new DEAs will open in Milwaukee County at Estabrook Park, Currie Park, Lake Park, and Bay View Park bringing the total to six legally, designated areas where dogs can run free and play safe off-leash. These will be the first DEAs established within existing Milwaukee County Parks and will range from 1.5 to 4 acres. Milwaukee County currently has two DEAs, the Runway and Granville. There are plans to fence in the Granville dog park this summer making all DEAs within the county fenced in.

ROMP spokesperson, Robin Barry, says “Work has already begun at Estabrook and we’re really very excited to now be able to share plans with the public. At our Spring Bark event, ROMP members will be on hand to provide information about the new dog parks and sell annual dog park permits. We hope dogs and their human companions can join us to learn about how they can get involved and support Milwaukee dog parks.”

At the Runway DEA, dog owners are required to purchase a daily pass for $5 or an annual permit for $20 to use the dog park. The same permit will now be required of dog owners to use the new DEAs. To obtain a permit, your dog must be licensed within your municipality and have proof of a current rabies vaccination (either a rabies tag or certificate from a vet). For information about the permits, visit http://www.countyparks.gov. Dog owners wanting to purchase a permit at the event must have a valid license and rabies tag or certificate with them. Cash, check and credit cards will be accepted for permit purchases.

Summer is coming…

And with summer comes thunderstorms, fireworks, long drives in the car, and many other situations that can create anxiety for our dogs.

Thunderphobia, fearfulness of loud noises, fear aggression, shyness, clinginess, and separation anxiety can all be signs of canine anxiety. From a traditional Chinese medical viewpoint, anxiety is a sign of a disharmony within the heart. Herbsmith Calm Anxiety is a combination of Chinese herbs that help to correct this disharmony and calm the spirit. Herbsmith Calm Anxiety allows dogs to feel settled within their environment without the use of sedatives or tranquilizers.

This formula is safe for long-term, everyday use. Herbsmith Calm Anxiety is available in powder and tablet form. To order Herbsmith Calm Anxiety or for more information on other Herbsmith products, please visit www.herbsmithinc.com or call 800.624.6429.

When doody calls, lend a hand (or paw).

Residents for Off-leash Milwaukee Parks needs a few good hands (or paws) to help with spring clean up at the Runway Dog Exercise Area (1300 E. Rawson Avenue) on Saturday, April 18 from 10 am to noon.  Dog park supporters are encouraged to participate in this event which is one of many local Earth Day clean-up efforts lead by various “friends” group that support the Milwaukee County Parks System.

Dog park supporters are asked to bring their own supplies (pooper scoopers, shovels, gloves, etc.) and walk around the park picking up abandoned piles of dog waste leftover from winter.  At the end of the event, ROMP will weigh the bags of waste collected and give a prize to the volunteer who picked up the most dog waste.  Robin Barry, ROMP’s co-president says “Dog parks are a great asset to our community and it’s important we value them by keeping them clean and safe for our dogs.” Joining ROMP’s clean-up effort this year will be a group of ten Milwaukee students who are volunteering with the YMCA of Greater Milwaukee.

In 2005, ROMP helped the Milwaukee County Parks System establish a new a 26-acre fenced in dog exercise area called the Runway and helped plan several new dog exercise areas that will be opening throughout Milwaukee County in spring/summer of 2009.

Residents for Off-leash Milwaukee Parks (ROMP) is a 501c3 non-profit organization that advocates for dedicated off-leash dog exercise areas in Milwaukee County and educates the community about responsible dog ownership. ROMP works closely with the Milwaukee County Parks System to ensure dogs have fenced-in places to run free and play safe.

For more information about this event, ROMP, and nearby off-leash dog exercise areas like the Runway, visit www.milwaukeedogparks.org or call 414-769-8806.

The Little Animal Shelter That Can

The Humane Society of Waupaca County is becoming known in the Wisconsin humane community for offering a helping hand to others in times of crisis.

“Our impromptu involvement with the abatement and recovery efforts during the Weyauwega Train Derailment underscored how important it is to be willing to assist others. Small communities especially need help when big problems arise,” asserts Monica Gates, Operations Manager of the Humane Society of Waupaca County. “That is why, whenever possible, we will open our doors to assist other communities in need.”

HSWC has helped many other rescues and shelters with their “overflow” animals since moving into their new facility three years ago. Even before that, HSWC assisted Waupaca county by housing and re-homing numerous animals from a 500+ animal seizure. “I now know more about animal hoarding than I ever wanted to,” states Gates, “And my heart goes out to rescue and shelter personnel that are stuck cleaning up the mess.

Last year, when Wood County Humane Society ended up with more than 100 dogs confiscated from a hoarder, I was on the phone as soon as I heard about it, offering assistance.”

Also last year, the Wisconsin Humane Society, a huge organization in Milwaukee, bought out and closed down the largest puppymill in the state located near Markesan, WI. The purchase left them with approximately 1600 dogs and puppies that needed to be re-homed. “It was only fitting that we offered to help with those dogs,” Gates explained. “WHS has helped us with so many of our extra cats and kittens over the past three years.” Thirty-three of the Markesan puppymill dogs found new lives, thanks to HSWC.

Most recently in the news has been the Marinette County home that was found to be housing 60+ animals that were subsequently surrendered to one small shelter in Menominee. “Of course, we offered to assist,” states Gates. “We expect the dogs to arrive on April 13. They will be assessed for medical and emotional needs prior to being placed up for adoption. We will need a some time to get them all spayed and neutered and ready to go.” Meanwhile, volunteers may be needed to help with the rehabilitation efforts, cash donations are encouraged to assist with their medical care, paper towels for cleanup and dog treats and chews to keep them happy while they await their new homes. Dog food is not needed at this time.

Donations may be dropped at the HSWC Adoption Center, located at 2293 Commercial Drive, mailed to PO BOX 145, Waupaca, or sent via PayPal to paypal@waupacahumane.org. Volunteers are encouraged to come by the Adoption Center and fill out a Volunteer Application, prospective adopters can keep an eye on the website for updates: www.waupacahumane.org, and anyone with questions can call 715-258-2545.

Victoria Stilwell: It’s Me or the Dog

Animal Planet’s hit show It’s Me Or The Dog is making a stop in Milwaukee.  Victoria Stilwell will speaks about her experiences, answering audience questions, as well as demonstrating her techniques with dogs from a local shelter! Bring your dog related questions, but please leave your dogs at home as this is a people only event.

Tuesday, May 12th

Click here for more information or to order tickets.

Healing Heart Foundation, Inc. Launches Pet Hospice

The Healing Heart Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that sponsors programs that honor the spirit of the human animal bond. The first of these programs launched in May 2008 is the Healing Heart Pet Hospice, which cares for end-of-life pets in their own home.

The hospice team is comprised of 2 Certified Veterinary Technicians and 2 Veterinarians dedicated to compassionate, palliative, end-of-life care for pets with terminal illnesses. Currently, the hospice team serves Northeast Wisconsin, but definite interest has grown in other areas of the state over the past year. Bringing the gift of hospice to pet families has been a labor of love. Those involved have worked tirelessly to stay on the cutting edge in their field to benefit families caring for end-of-life pets in their home; thereby, minimizing lengthy and repeated hospital stays, which maximizes time in the comfort of their own home.

Future programs planned for the Foundation are in the areas of pet loss/bereavement and financial medical assistance for hardship cases. Funding is sought to expand our pet hospice services and to help launch our future programs to better serve our pet community. Tax-deductible donations and gifts of any amount are accepted as support or in memory or honor of a loved one.

When a cure is not possible…you still have compassionate options. For more information, email vadams@horizondvm.com or crach@horizondvm.com.